Beier USM-RC-3

1.350,00 kr.
Varenummer: 328

Beier USM-RC-3 lyd og lys modul.

Leveres uden software (vare nr. 327)

  • Suitable for all types of RC models with commercial remote control
  • Suppy Voltage between 5 and 15 V DC
  • Analogue control without radio possible
  • Additional control with smartphone app (Android)
  • 8 proportional inputs to control sound, speed controller, light and servo functions
  • Up to 16 channels via the sum signals s-bus / i-bus / SUMD / SUMD3
  • Inclusive 700 sound files for speed dependent motor, additional and random sounds
  • More than 140 ready to use sound projects for trucks, cars, ships, construction vehicles and airplanes
  • Individually programmable with the Windows software Sound-Teacher
  • Use of own recordings and songs possible
  • Powerful built-in amplifier for optimal sound 
  • 16 switching outputs for connecting LEDs, lamps, smoke generators, relays etc.
  • Free programmable light functions and sequences
  • 1 high current output for heavy consumers, such as smoke generators
  • 1 port to forward infrared or bluetooth signals to a trailer
  • 1 port for the Kraftwerk Easybus light system
  • 4 programmable servo outputs to control additional movements
  • Connection of speed controller to control additional motors
  • Automatic sequences of servo movements
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