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Scania 770S 8x4/4

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Varenummer: 790

1/14 R/C Scania 770 S 8x4/4

Tamiya is proud to welcome the Scania 770 S 8x4/4 to the 1/14 R/C Tractor Truck Series. The Scania 770 S heavy trailer head is the newest heaviest-class trailer head added to the NEXT GENERATION SCANIA series in 2020.

This S series features a V8 turbo engine capable of 770hp. The 8x4/4 means double-axle 4-wheel drive at the rear and double-axle 4-wheel steering at the front. 


About the Model
• This is a 1/14 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 610mm, width: 196mm, height: 320mm (excluding side mirrors, antenna, etc.).
• The model realistically depicts the Scania 770 S 8x4/4, and a chassis has numerous metal parts.
• The cab is authentically recreated by precise injection molding, and its rear has detailed renderings of auxiliary machinery tower, fuel tank and air tank to give it a heavyweight look.
• Just like the actual vehicle, this model has double rear-axle drive and double front-axle steering. It has the motor and transmission at the front of a metal ladder frame.
• Highly-realistic suspension using metal leaf springs features lift axle – can be moved up and down by hand - at the second axle like the actual structure.
• Assembly type 3-speed transmission allows gear changes via separately available 4-channel transmitter.
• Multi-Function Control Unit (Item 56523: MFC-03, sold separately) offers light, sound, and vibration operation.
• Interior parts such as modern-design dashboard and seats are included, and can be installed together with the Multi-Function Control Unit.
• Includes a 1/14 scale driver figure, and stickers and metal transfers to decorate the body.


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